Wholesale of engines and car parts

Only wholesale customers.
We are not retailers.
We are shipping all over the world.

We specialise in the wholesale distribution of used engines and other car parts. We are company with established position. Professionally approaching customer service.

How To Buy Parts?

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Your advantages for wholesale with us:

  • Competitive prices
  • Order in bulk
  • Personal contact by phone, email

Established since 2017, we have been successfully exporting auto parts commercially and distribute trought Europe including Poland, Ukraine and Belarus. We also distribute to Africa. We are open to establish new partnerships anywhere in the World.

Wholesale auto parts

We specialise in the wholesale distribution of auto parts for all types of vehicles including trucks, vans and cars. We supply quality second hand parts including engines, body panels and all other car components.

We offer high-quality second-hand parts. If you are looking for a large quanitities of body panels, engines, ECU, ABS pumps, contact us. All car component request considered for example, keys, wing mirrors & back lights, etc. Contact us for more information regarding, type of vechicles, specific make/models and parts you require along with very competetive prices.

Cheapest car parts wholesale

– Complete car disassembled at the customer request

– Professional dismantling, packing and exporting trought Europe and Africa

– Daily deliveries new stock

– Customer specific orders, we will endeavour to locate the specific parts and dispatch

Our team consists of qualifed people with impressive experience in the industry. We look forward to hearing from you and delivering an excellent customer service with your reqest.

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