Wholesale of ABS pumps

Wholesale of ABS pumps

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Wholesale ABS Pump

Modern automotive ABS pumps are far more than just a simple pump, they are a highly complex and self-contained ABS control system that has been steadily condensed over the years into a single small unit. Back in the early days of ABS, the main components needed for the ABS (Anti-Lock Braking system) to function would be distributed around the vehicle, with the pre-charge ABS pump located somewhere near the brake booster, the ABS hydraulic unit attached near the master cylinder and the ABS module located somewhere inside the passenger compartment (commonly under the seat or behind the kick trim).

This proved to be quite a cumbersome set-up with components for the same system placed in different areas of the vehicle also requiring a much larger wiring harness to connect them all. However, in order to save weight, space and make vehicles more efficient, modern ABS units are a combined system unit, often referred to as just the ABS Pump but they actually comprise of 3 main components…
An ABS pump is a vital part of many modern braking systems. In previous articles we have discussed how you can replace your ABS pump – but what are the sure signs it needs changing?

What is the Purpose of the ABS Pump?

The ABS pump is a safety feature that can be found on most vehicles, as part of the anti-lock braking system (ABS). The whole system has been cleverly designed to stop dangerous brake locking in heavy braking situations, preventing skidding, hydroplaning and loss of traction. It is especially important in tough, muddy terrains and difficult weather conditions, such as icy roads or torrential downpours, helping the driver maintain full control of the vehicle.

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